Humorous Story:

Everyone has one of those moments. One those memorable moments that you’re so proud of, yet thoroughly embarrassed about! A story I will always remember, involves my grandma and my little brother’s confusion. A couple years ago for my birthday, I had gotten a bath set with soaps, creams, and lots of nice-scented lotion! The theme of the package was the doll theme of the “Bratz” series. At the time, the Bratz series were into the pop styled, so the soaps and set were similar to that! The little soaps were tiny little stars, the lotions were glitterized, and it was all so punk to match the theme. However, my brother had been fascinated with the star soaps, but, he thought they were something a bit different. What he thought the stars were was… Candy!¬†¬†Sadly for him, the “candies” weren’t very much high in sweet tasting. Even after my brother ate them, though, he decided to offer some to my grandma. Not knowing what she was eating, my grandma quickly spit them out, my family now knowing what happened. Unfortunately for my brother, he ended up getting sick by the end of the day.

True story.


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