There are many things to be thankful for that God has given us on our life on Earth. Through his gift of life, he leads us on the path to eternal life. However, on our way there, he gives us each many other gifts to help us through our journey. Some of those things to be thankful for are:

1. Family. A family that loves and cares for you, no matter what may comes their way.



2. Friends. Whenever you feel lonely, scared, or alone in your life, there can be friends all around you there to comfort you.



3. Love/Care/Kindess. Many people in the world day do not take in the fact that others cannot treasure this gift God has given us, but for us, we have this in our lives from our loved ones.



4. Peace. In many countries in our world today, peace is not a factor others have around them. They live in a world filled with warfare and fear of others being injured, or themselves. We have this opportunity to have peace around us, because God has given us the feeling of hope for it.

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